Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Hello December!

Friday night Morgan and I went to a Minnesota Wild Hockey game with my sister and her BF. It was the first professional game we'd ever been to (except for Morgan)! We had excellent seats. 8th row! The first picture shows how close we were!

This is the lighthouse tower thing that goes off when the Wild score a goal. Very cool! We were sitting just below it.
Here is the picture Miranda took of us.
After the game we went over to the Great Waters Brewing Company for some beers and apps. We walked through Rice Park in St. Paul. It's lovely in the winter.

This is a big angel statue.
Here is the really big tree they cut down and moved in from the front yard of a St. Paul home. It's okay, the people wanted it to go. They were afraid it was going to fall on the house during a storm!

Sunday we put up the Christmas tree. We have an artificial. I decided we would leave the tree up for a few days so Owen could adjust to it being there before I put lights and ornaments on it. But Morgan wanted to see if these rope lights would go around the front window. He and Owen had a good time playing with them. They did not get up in the window!

In this picture you can see the great hairstyle Owen has going on right now. He's got that babyfine hair that just goes crazy in the dry winter air. So much static!


Noelia said...

Ohh those pictures of O and Morgan are so neat Heather! You should put those in your Christmas album for sure! I've never been to a Hockey game. Dan was offered tickets to go last night to see the maple Leafs but he declined because I was sick. Seems like you guys had some fun.

P.S Love your hat btw :)

Maureen said...

Those are some great seats you had for the hockey game. Love hockey. In fact I have part of the MetCenter from were the North Stars played.

Love the hair due the little man is sporting