Monday, July 09, 2012

Six is magic...

Owen has been six for 2 months now. And there are plenty of things that have driven me to the edge but the things that are amazing have outweighed the craziness. Like right now he's bouncing a bouncy ball all over the house. But his amazement and fascination at the physics of the bouncing are so funny. Yesterday he figured out how to bounce it through the bathroom doorway off the wall in the hallway and the wall in the bathroom. He got it bouncing back and forth through the doorway and he giggled at this, which made me giggle too. 
His "work" today is spying on the kids at the daycare behind us. He told me his job was to report anything "bad" to Kathy (the neighbor/daycare lady, who I am sure did not ask him to do this!) He set up a desk and a chair in the breezeway to do his "work". He calls it his prophecy. I'm not sure where he heard this word and what he thinks it means or what he is trying to make it mean but I love that he uses big words. That happens when you live with just adults who read a lot and discuss books and news and such!
He is great at imagining and pretending and constructing all of his imaginings out of Legos or on paper. I'm terrible at pretend play. I think about laundry and cleaning the bathroom and how I'm going to fit my triathlon miles in. But I love to listen to his pretend play. And sometimes when I think he's talking to me he hollers back, "not you mama!" He can do this for hours. And others times he is bored stiff. A downfall of being an only.
I once read a parenting book that talked about how we cannot be a parent for all seasons. Thus far all the seasons have been mostly okay. Except for the 0-4 month season. That was a bitch. I'm going to work on cherishing the magic of six. And having good answers for, "Who invented socks?" and all the inane things he asks me! Because how else does one learn?


Miranda said...

That's a great picture! He is very imaginative and can always make me laugh. I can't believe he's six already. He has changed so much, yet I've hardly changed at all...

val said...

I'm not a great pretender either. Play doh? Paints? Reading? I can do those.

Pretending. nevermind.

Here's a link to when Julia turned six:

love always, Val