Thursday, August 04, 2011


Our yard is full of toads this summer. Last weekend we were doing some landscaping in the back yard (actually hardscaping because we aren't planting anything!) and while we were digging up the old window wells we found at least 2 dozen little toads. The front yard has also been teaming with them and they've been a bit of a nuisance while mowing. I moved several of them when I mowed a couple of weeks ago and Morgan found even more while he mowed on Sunday. Hopefully they are smart enough to nestle down in the dirt when the mower comes along. Otherwise they are now compost. They seem to really like living in the window wells though so we put them back there after we installed the new ones. Owen had a great time playing with them. It actually kept him busy for the better part of the afternoon while we worked. He made them a playground in his little wagon complete with a water feature. Then he introduced us to them (we had to say our names to the toads) and he gave them names too. They got to ride in some of his sandbox cars and even do a little flying. But he did it all very gently. I was very impressed with the care he took in playing with them and I was a little surprised that he was touching them at all. This was the first time he willingly picked up a toad! In past years he would look at them while someone else held them (not me) but didn't want to touch them.

The toad above was kind enough to hold still for me for quite sometime. I'm not sure what he was doing hanging out in the rocks but he wasn't in a hurry to go any where. Thanks toad. You are pretty cute.

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