Sunday, March 13, 2011

The many kinds of flour...

I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned this before but I don't cook. Wait, I don't like to cook. I WILL cook, if I'm asked or if I have to. But it does not fall anywhere on the list of things I like to do. And I will now publicly admit that I CAN in fact cook, I just find it tediously boring. It requires attention that I cannot devote. It's rather like juggling, which I would like to learn to do, but not with knives. I do however like to bake. It doesn't require as much attention and it involves sugar , and often chocolate, which I'm sure I've mentioned that I LOVE!

Today while rummaging around in the freezer for enough ice to put in my Diet Coke I found a bag of flour, or what I presumed was flour. Now most of our 40 kinds of flour are contained in our pantry cabinet or the freezer downstairs. So I was a bit surprised to come across this lone sack of flour lying in the freezer. It got in the way of the ice cube tray while I was returning it to the freezer and my initial thought was "WTF is this!?" (I've started cussing more in my head because I can't do it out loud. It's rather unlady like and Owen picks up everything now. And while we did briefly consider teaching him to cuss about everything rather than cry so much, we finally decided against it). So I turned it over to find it was Sir Lancelot Flour. Oh, yes, of course. The Sir Lancelot Flour! That we use for...I know, right!? I don't know either! Which brings me to my point (but slow and rambling like. Don't worry, keep reading, I'll get there. I usually do).

When I was growing up we had all purpose white flour. It was used for baking when flour was needed. I think when I was in my early twenties and learned to bake something besides chocolate chip cookies or banana bread I tried out some cake flour. Beyond that I knew nothing about flour. I'm sure I knew about whole wheat flour because I ate whole wheat bread but I didn't bake it. My baking is in line with my philosophy of cooking. I try to avoid it unless it involves sugar and/or chocolate. Recipes for me rarely call for more than all purpose flour or cake flour.

At this point you may be wondering how on earth does this girl eat!? (If you know me personally you aren't, because you know the answer and have probably stopped reading!) I married a man who can cook. Yes, I hit the "girl who hates to cook" jackpot. My man CAN COOK! And sometimes he even makes things I like to eat. And if that weren't a great jackpot in and of itself, he also likes to bake. Mainly bread. He came into this passion around about the time I was doing the Atkins diet. Yes, he's so supportive. I can't recall the exact reason for this desire to bake bread... oh, wait, it's that he likes to sabotage every dietary change I try to make. Okay, not really, but it seems like it! And because a true Holle boy can't go at a hobby half hog he invested in the good stuff as far as supplies go. Which means we have Sir Lancelot Flour. When I asked WTF is Sir Lancelot Flour and why do we have it, he replied that it is a higher gluten flour that helps crusts like pizza crust be crispy. And in my mind I see my celiac afflicted friends wretching at the though of this flour. (I have an over active, highly visual, imagination.) We also have all purpose flour (Dakota Maid), bread flour, whole wheat flour, rye flour, white whole wheat flour, masica and a whole lot of other flour that I don't keep track of because as I mentioned it doesn't apply to my repertoire of recipes. And you may wonder where one would get Sir Lancelot Flour. That would be from Morgan's dealer, I mean the baking supply website of King Arthur Flour. It is a wonderful website devoted to the art of baking. They have gadgets and all kinds of hard to find things like active yeast (that we buy in a pound block) and double dutch process cocoa (which we can't find anywhere in a store).

We are a household devoted to flour. It can be found all over the place. the cupboards, the freezers, and in almost every nook and cranny of our kitchen (because Morgan cooks and bakes like the Muppets Swedish Chef). And on a floor, it's almost as slippery as ski wax (which is another post altogether!).

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Janet said...

lol Great post, Heather! I, too, only use regular flour. I think we had some cake flour once but I thought it was baking soda and poured it down the sink. :) I had no idea there were so many exotic kinds of flour!